Thursday, May 5, 2011

Absolute Write Water Cooler

Some of the funniest writers I've ever encountered hang out (incognito) at Absolute Write Water Cooler. I'm not a member because I think it would be very, very bad to play with these kids on a regular basis. My mom would disapprove. They're the sort of kids who smoke in the bathroom and swear at the teacher but have the best conversations when they're alone.

I'd never get any work done if I became a member and I'd probably stop wearing underwear or something radical like that.

(Although I'm not actually getting any work done at the moment because I'm lurking in the Cooler, but I'm operating on the theory that I'm minimizing the damage by not signing up. And I still have my underwear so it seems to be working.)

Be warned. This is a true writers' site. Books are like hot dogs--we like 'em but we'd like 'em less if we knew what went into the making of them. Keep your illusions about literature and stay away from This Site if you want to chow down on your book without the visuals.

But if you don't mind a little reality mixed in with your fiction, pay the forum a visit and learn what it really means to be a writer. Stephenie Meyers wouldn't have lasted five minutes in this playground.
If I were an editor, I'd buy everything these maniacs wrote.

Just saying.


  1. And yet... you're a member now! :D Don't worry, there are forums there where they shackle you to your desk if you don't meet your writing goals~

  2. Mwahahahahaha! You've come over to the dark side! Despair not--we have very good cookies. *whips up a batch of homemade Oreos*

  3. You like us! You really like us! As my dear, Alice said, Welcome to the dark side! We also have many martinis - but we don't call 'em that. :D

  4. If you're ignorant about the real craft of writing and never buck the mods, you'll get along just fine, but you'll never become a published author.

  5. Hi Shunning, well, I have to agree with your point about not bucking the mods. Of late, there seems to be a culture percolating of shutting down debate, which is counter-intuitive to writers at the best of times. I still lurk when I'm looking for specific information. And the writers themselves are fantastic people. But I agree with you that hanging out in AW will not get us published. But we knew that already, didn't we?
    Thanks for your comments!