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If as a reader you are ever in doubt as to the value of your good opinion--snap out of it! Post a review of the books you love on Goodreads, or on the retailer website where you purchased the book. Or let the author know! A book isn't finished until someone reads it. We want to hear from you.


From the readers...

"I found Iced Under to be a creepy, haunting, beautifully written debut. The oppressive cold and ice encourage the reader to hunker down and turn the pages in one fell swoop. While reading, I felt almost as isolated and lost to the story as Sara becomes in her new life." ~ Jenny Milchman, (author of Cover of Snow and Ruin Falls, Ballantine Books) USA. Posted on DorothyL listserve, March 16, 2009

" ....A much more compelling read is Iced Under by Nadine Doolittle. This novel is both gripping and chilling...." ~ Jayne Barnard, Mystery Writers Ink, Calgary. Posted on DorothyL listserve, August 8, 2010

"...your book had me up, ripping through pages to get to the end. The tension of the mystery nearly killed me." ~ Nikki Mantell, Publisher, The Low Down to Hull and Back News, Wakefield, QC

"I really enjoyed it and have that 'I stayed up too late because I just had to finish it' sleepy feeling to prove it. I didn't see those last few twists...." ~ Stephanie Dub, Toronto

"... while I was reading the book ... we lost power for 30 hours ... and I kept reading the book at nighttime by kerosene lantern. Too cool and a little weird but I was determined to finish that night even if I was going to go blind doing so. I thoroughly enjoyed it." ~ Wendy Carr, Alcove, QC

"I have read enough fiction to know talent from crap and you are an amazing writer." ~ Sean Doolittle, Toronto (Yes, he's my brother but this is a fab comment.)

"So, after Christmas I started reading it, I could not put it down until I finished it ... That was a fantastic story, I thought (I knew) who it was, but then you put twists in there ..." ~ Lynda Frost, Vancouver

"I read the book as slowly as possible, not wanting to come to the end." ~ Cathy Chambers, Toronto

"We all found it awesome you wrote so amazingly well that we actually felt we were there and experienced everything they did. As for the ending, absolutely brilliant! Never saw that coming. It was very hard to put down." ~ Monica, Shannan and Derrilyn, The Girls on the GoTrain

"Fabulous!" ~ Nicole Robert, Toronto

"I really loved your book. I thought the story worked very well and I love the way you write ... kept me reading and reading." ~ Erin Kuhns, Alcove, QC

"Nadine, I finally got your book but have not been able to get to it as your Uncle Bruno is reading it. Only got it Saturday and he's been reading and reading ..." ~ Margaret Klammer, Salmon Arm (Yes, my aunt, but they were never that crazy about me so they count as unbiased readers.)

"I just finished reading 'Iced Under' by Nadine Doolittle and I can recommend it to all. Well written, in my opinion, with an interesting story and characters. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did." ~ Dick Green, Alcove, QC (Posted on a listserv for area residents.)

"Just had to tell you that I devoured your book! I read in bed for 1.5 hours Saturday night, while making breakfast Sunday morning, while eating breakfast, while loading the washing machine ... you get the picture. I absolutely could not put the book down. Finished it Sun. afternoon. Loved it! Now, when did you say the next one will be available ...?" ~ Kathy Poirier, Secretary, The Low Down to Hull and Back News.

"I'm putting in a plug for Nadine Doolittle's book, Iced Under. I really enjoyed it; it had many twists and turns." ~ Natalie Webb, Alcove, QC

"...took your book off the bedside table and headed for the living room couch. John had just made a fire, so it was perfect. I dived into the book and didn't come up for air until supper. I couldn't put it down! ... I hope you are working on another one." ~Mary Lou van Schaik, Wakefield

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