Gatineau Hills Mystery Series

No serial killers. No psychopaths. It's the one you thought you knew.

Iced Under: Stunned by the abrupt end to her marriage, Sara Wolesley takes her two daughters and abandons her life in Toronto to take possession of a rundown cottage on a frozen lake. But escape isn't that easy. Sara is broke and close to a breakdown when she falls on the ice. Below her, caught in a reed bed, is a child. Her name is Oralee Pelletier and she has been missing for five months. "A mixture of literature, mystery, and romance. The story soars thanks to Doolittle's elegant and poetic language..." Montreal Review of Books

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The Grey Lady: A driving rainstorm. A remote country home. And one killer. Secrets, lies and hidden hates surface at a gathering of eight to celebrate Malcolm Driver, a bestselling author and former member of a commune where a young girl was drowned. Hester Warnock is among the invited. Now the successful publisher of a counter-culture magazine Malcolm’s ex-lover returns to the scene of the crime with a terrible secret of her own"As with any good mystery, virtually everyone has something to hide...tightly written and perfectly paced." Montreal Review of Books

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The River Bride: Marlee Bremer claims her husband is a sexual deviant. Trey Bremer insists it was only a game. Seven years ago, the family's au pair was found slain in an abandoned trailer. Tried and convicted for the girl's murder, Trey has always asserted his innocence. The truth of what happened to Teresa Musgrave that day begins to unravel when an anonymous note arrives at the Stollerton Record. On the hunt for the big story that could save her career, Alvina Moon is caught up in a disturbing crime and the victim's beautiful, troubled husband.

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"This book kept me enthralled. There is one part where I actually felt the rising panic that was gripping Sara as matters began to spiral out of her control. So clever was the writing that I put the book down for a moment and tried to think how I could have resolved the situation, and I could only feel panic. The sense of place, the cold, the fear, and the isolation seeps into your bones as you read. Highly recommended." Lizzie Hayes, Editor, Mystery Women Magazine (UK) Book of the Month Selection

"At the heart of Nadine Doolittle’s debut novel Iced Under is the frightening concept of whether seven-year-old Oralee Pelletier missing for the last six months has been abducted by a person or persons unknown or is, as an inquest concludes, a victim of 'death by misadventure.' It’s a mystery that ensnares about-to-be-finally-divorced Sara Wolseley and her two daughters, eight-year-old Darcy and thirteen-year-old Brittany (...) An actor-turned-mystery author, Doolittle shows a lot of potential for her new career. The plot is well managed with its mixture of mysteries and Sara’s deteriorating family circumstances as a nearly poverty stricken divorcee (...) Given her achievements here, Nadine Doolittle’s name is one to watch for in the future." M. Wayne Cunningham, Mysterious Reviews for Hidden Staircase Mystery Books

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