Friday, May 27, 2011


Some of you have been asking when THE GREY LADY is available. This interest is so gratifying, I cannot tell you. It makes it doubly thrilling to have an update to share at long last!

Pre-orders are open at for THE GREY LADY


“A line exists between the person we control and the one who lurks in the corner, waiting. Useful in a crisis, completely without conscience, ruthless and loyal, our other will come when called but will not respond to whistles to draw it back. Our other will destroy a friend, burn out an old man, cheat a lover and steal a life's work. Cross the line at your peril”.

In 1974, twenty-two year old Hester Warnock’s love affair with Malcolm Driver on a farm-turned-commune led to the death of a young pregnant girl named Beth Sherry. Thirty-five years later, now a successful magazine publisher, Hester is invited back to the scene of the crime to participate in a documentary of Malcolm’s life and times. The next morning, in the middle of a fierce rainstorm, she finds her ex-lover hanging from a tree.

Battling the driving rain, Detective Sergeant Rompré lacks physical evidence of a crime but doubts Driver killed himself. Hester holds a clue that proves Malcolm’s death wasn’t suicide but her own past with him haunts her. Meanwhile, the secret resentments and hidden hates of the seven other guests are revealed; a trail of deceit, adultery, abortion and murder which all leads back to Malcolm Driver. Hester's own story of betrayal is unravelled as she draws closer to the truth about herself. The two tragedies collide, past and present, on a wild rain-filled night. Hester confesses to Rompré that she drove Beth Sherry to suicide with an act of cruelty and Rompré offers absolution that Hester can’t bring herself to accept. Her story is the final proof the detective needed that Malcolm’s death was not a suicide, but it is not enough to lead him to the killer.

Set in the wilds of Quebec, Grey Lady is a tense psychological thriller which explores the power play between men and women and asks whether crimes of passion can ever be excused.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

The fun to be had when you leave the house!

Good Daughter's 2nd Year animation project was screened at the NFB last Thursday in Montreal. Of course, I was there. Her film was the best of the 79 or so shorts screened. I'm not just saying that because I birthed her. Really. I'm not.

Here's the proof.

In addition to Concordia's Animation Film Festival, Good Daughter and I hiked Mount Royal, watched The King's Speech on her computer, ate croissants whilst strolling the tulip-festooned boulevards, found a cheap greasy spoon, and toured Musee des beaux-arts de Montreal.

The First Emperor of China Exhibit is humbling. The age of some of the exhibits boggle the mind. I found the exquisite artistry in each of the pieces touching. Just think of it---an unknown artist centuries ago, probably a slave, poured all of his skill and his heart into pieces that he believed would be buried with the Emperor for all time. And there I was in 2011 admiring that artist's work.

The exhibit's focus was the accomplishments of the Emperor but I couldn't stop thinking about the artists, the sculptors and craftsmen who brought the Terracotta Army to life. The Emperor was just the egomanical catalyst--the artists were the real givers of joy and life.

THIS JUST IN: I've joined Absolute Write. After my previous post swearing I would RESIST.... I did not resist. I joined. Caved. Collapsed like a Montreal bridge.

ALSO JUST IN: The River Bride is coming along beautifully if I do say so myself.  The big crunch is on to have a clean draft ready for September 1.

And spring is here. The flowers and birds and the greens and yellows are ahhh.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Absolute Write Water Cooler

Some of the funniest writers I've ever encountered hang out (incognito) at Absolute Write Water Cooler. I'm not a member because I think it would be very, very bad to play with these kids on a regular basis. My mom would disapprove. They're the sort of kids who smoke in the bathroom and swear at the teacher but have the best conversations when they're alone.

I'd never get any work done if I became a member and I'd probably stop wearing underwear or something radical like that.

(Although I'm not actually getting any work done at the moment because I'm lurking in the Cooler, but I'm operating on the theory that I'm minimizing the damage by not signing up. And I still have my underwear so it seems to be working.)

Be warned. This is a true writers' site. Books are like hot dogs--we like 'em but we'd like 'em less if we knew what went into the making of them. Keep your illusions about literature and stay away from This Site if you want to chow down on your book without the visuals.

But if you don't mind a little reality mixed in with your fiction, pay the forum a visit and learn what it really means to be a writer. Stephenie Meyers wouldn't have lasted five minutes in this playground.
If I were an editor, I'd buy everything these maniacs wrote.

Just saying.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Arthur Ellis Awards Shortlist for 2010

It's a good day for crime writing in Canada.

Drum roll if you please....

Shortlist 2011 Arthur Ellis Awards

Whoohoo! The nominees were winnowed from an impossible-to-choose-from list of entrants.

When I read the titles this year's Arthur Ellis Awards had attracted, I was gobsmacked by the quality and variety. Canadian crime is looking very, very good. The shortlist must have been hell to decide. Kudos to the judges--better you than me.

Of particular note and excitement for me in this year's Shortlist are the names C.B. Forrest and Jayne Barnard. WHEN THE BOW BREAKS is Jayne's unpublished novel, shortlisted for the Unhanged Arthur, and C.B. is up for Best Novel for his second effort, SLOW RECOIL. His debut novel, THE WEIGHT OF STONES made the shortlist last year and for good reason. Incredible story and superb writing are a lethal combination--I couldn't put it down.

The winners will be announced on June 2, 2011 at the Bloody Words Conference in Victoria, BC. I wish I could be there ... perhaps virtually ... hmmm .... me and a bottle of bubbly to toast the winners and what the heck, I'll raise a glass to the runners-up too!

Congratulations to all of the nominees. I'll be here in Quebec rooting for you!

(And getting just a teeny bit drunk ... )