Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dear Facebook

Why you are stupid:

1) My real name is Nadine Doolittle. It is my actual name given to me at birth. It is the name you rejected over and over when I tried to join your strange and irritating club.

2) I made a name up. This is the name you accepted. You wanted me to PROVE that I was Nadine Doolittle and I declined due to not having the technology required (scanner) or the interest when making up a name was easier. (Proof of identity was needed to prove I was the account holder which I could not do as I didn't have an account. Read Catch 22 for more info on why this is stupid.)

3) Although intriguing, the suggestion I now look for my "friends" with the fake name, is a stupid one.

4) Fake Name has no online presence. Real Name does. Fake Name has no government ID or pays taxes. Real Name gave birth, pays taxes, writes books, the whole catastrophe.

5) You sternly remind folks it is wrong to pretend to be someone else. In that spirit, I am not Fake Name.

That is all.

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