Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Due to circumstances beyond my control...

The Kindle Countdown for THE GREY LADY is not on, not going to happen, kicked to the curb.

There is a lesson here--yet another lesson for today's writer. Take notes. There will be a test.

1) The Grey Lady was originally published by McArthur and Co. All rights reversed. Every effort made to have electronic versions removed from all retailers.

2) Author enrolls The Grey Lady in KDP Select to take advantage of wonderful promotional tool of Countdown.

3) Author receives an email from KDP Select team saying terms of Select are being violated as The Grey Lady is for sale at iTunes.

4) Author hustles over. Yes, indeedy, there it is--the old edition of The Grey Lady is still being sold although author had no knowledge of it and has not received a single penny. Responds to KDP that book will be removed pronto. Emails iTunes legal to have book removed. Book is removed. Emails KDP team the good news.

5) Author checks KDP bookshelf and sees The Grey Lady is no longer in Select and therefore not eligible for Countdown. 

Crack open Joseph Heller's "Catch 22" and give it another read. Feel blood pressure return to normal.  

Screw it. Author determines will reduce price of The Grey Lady just because she can. 

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