What I Write and Why

"The murder is just the beginning."

Iced Under was released in print in 2008 by Bayeux Arts, Calgary. After a long struggle to be published as a romance writer, this story simply came to me during a particularly dark period of my life. It was well-received by my most demanding critics, the people of the Gatineau Hills who asked when the next one was coming out. But I couldn't imagine this story as a series. Would it translate beyond Quebec? Fortunately, the book found fans beyond my home borders and encouraged by authors in Canada and the U.S., I cracked on and wrote The Grey Lady, the second book in what has become a series set in the Gatineau Hills.

Certain characters appear as regulars. Others, only mentioned in one book, are main characters in the next. The books do not have to be read in sequence to be enjoyed. The setting is the villages and wilderness places, farms and hunting camps of the area, with all the limitations a rural society enjoys and puts up with. It takes some adjustment in our thinking to imagine that there are still places not served by high tech law enforcement but by brains, common sense and deduction. There are. This is the kind of police work that interests me and I explore it through the character of Detective Sergeant Rompré.

The mystery lies not only in "who done it," as any good police novel can answer that.
As an author, I'm interested in why he or she "done it" and how the lives of those close to the victim are transformed by the heartbreak, betrayal and loss that is the fruit of violent crime. Is forgiveness and redemption possible? The murder is just the beginning.

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