Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Seriously talented young musician.


Caitlin Ward was my young neighbour in Rupert, Quebec for a few years. She was a nice kid who really liked animals. One day, being a good neighbour, she popped over to show me her pet snake--little realizing I had a huge snake phobia. My screams went down in recorded history of the village. Her mom and I were in the same book club for awhile and she told me Caitlin was a musician. Encouraging young talent is necessary for older creative people, so I said "send me the link to her stuff and I'll post it on my blog." (I get traffic. Stop that smirking.)

Today, I finally got around to watching Caitlin perform and wow. WOW!

I'm thrilled to introduce my critter-loving young neighbour who grew up to be a dynamite singer-musician.

Caitlin Ward on YouTube

Caitlin Ward Music on Facebook

Caitlin Ward on Soundcloud