Saturday, February 9, 2013

Celebrities--Do We Really Care?

No, seriously. I want to know. Do Jane and Joe Q. Public really care about celebrities as much as entertainment television programs would have us believe we do?

Or do entertainment television programs care about celebrities and we're just along for the ride in the dead zone between the six o'clock news and Coronation Street?

Case in point: E-Talk ran a frenzied piece on Justin Bieber's behavior (Justin had lifted his t-shirt for a bunch of paparazzi) asking the question: What has gotten into him? 

Isn't he just a teenager? Why should his mother be exempt from raising a teenager? I mean, really. Is that the best they got? That's nothing. Ask any parent who has done time in the teen years. Call me when he gets drunk and kicked out of school. Or sets fire to his locker. Now that's entertainment.

I care so little about this non-news, non-information, not-even-good-gossip that I have to ask: Do people really care about this stuff? Because it's not just Bieber. There are a whole slew of uninteresting people entertainment shows talk about as though they were interesting.

The trickle down effect of this boredom is that publishers are under the impression that we are interested and they offer dull people millions of dollars to write dull books. Thus reinforcing the whole dull celebrity fixation that they assume we are under. Interesting.

You know what's interesting? Debt free monetary systems. And astrophysics.

I've gotta go now. Ten feet of snow to shovel.