Tuesday, March 27, 2012


My writer buddy, C.B. Forrest recently congratulated me on the review written by Sarah Lolley for Montreal Review of Books of THE GREY LADY.

So I'm posting it because that's what we authors do when our babies get noticed. Sarah Lolley is a fine writer in her own right which makes her assessment of the novel doubly cheering.

PS: C.B is blogging for Open Book Toronto. Wickedly funny stuff.

In my news, I'm teaching a writing workshop for the Quebec Writers Federation. We've just finished our fourth class and I'm dazzled by the output, the fearlessness and the imaginations of these writers!

When I'm not being humbled by my class, I'm working on THE RIVER BRIDE. It'll never be said of me that  I am a fast writer.

What I'm reading: The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett (Faber and Faber, 2007). Wonderful, funny, astute book about the pleasures and lifelong necessity of reading fiction. Thank God for writers like Alan Bennett. Plus, it has loads of laughs.