Friday, December 16, 2011


Coming FEBRUARY, 2012 from McArthur and Company.

"In 1974, twenty-two year old Hester Warnock’s love affair with Malcolm Driver on a farm-turned-commune led to the death of a young pregnant girl named Beth Sherry. Thirty-five years later, now a successful magazine publisher, Hester is invited back to the scene of the crime to participate in a documentary The next morning, in the middle of a fierce rainstorm, she finds her ex-lover hanging from a tree. Hester holds a clue that proves Malcolm’s death wasn’t suicide but her past haunts her. A story of betrayal is revealed as Hester draws closer to the truth about herself.

Set in the wilds of Quebec, THE GREY LADY is a psychological thriller which explores the power play between men and women and asks whether crimes of passion can ever be excused."

ISBN-13: 978-1770870611

Pre-orders are being taken at Amazon, Chapters and your independent bookstore.

Bill Douglas created the cover. I love the tension between the rope and the serene lake below. I wonder where he found the image because the scenery is very like the Gatineau Hills.