Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"Heathcliff" Free Days this September

Meh. Maybe it's the rain. Maybe it's my age. This blog has been nothing but Rants Against the Machine lately. Free books always make me feel better.

Heathcliff by N J Dorrian is Free on Sept. 10th, 16th and 29th. 

Heathcliff is the first book in A Wuthering Heights Variation Series. Earnshaw was just released. Novella-length historical fiction that revisits the love story of Cathy and Heathcliff from an intriguing perspective that does not violate the original classic.

Available on Amazon only, folks. (Kindle Unlimited subscribers, you can borrow the book right now and read it quickly before it is zapped off your reader.)

Please consider leaving a review. It is impossible to acquire new readers without reader reviews. I don't like to be bullied into reviewing and I assume most readers feel the same. But to keep book prices low, we need to participate in reviewing independent titles because mainstream media won't. Think of it as grass roots curating. And niche fiction especially needs all the help it can get from its fans.

Okay! On to the free book link! (Mark the date on your calendar or Follow N J Dorrian's Author Page to hear of sales, new releases, other fun stuff.)

HEATHCLIFF on Amazon. Free Sept. 10, 16 and 29.

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